Your Tax Pro Buddy

Helping Businesses Through Exceptional Accounting Solutions

Tax Preparation, Payroll, and Bookkeeping in Cape Coral Since 1980

Specializing in Tax Return Preparation

The one and only, Bud Krater, has been doing tax preparation in Cape Coral since 1980. In addition to tax preparation, Bud Krater, Inc. provides full-service payroll and bookkeeping in Cape Coral. All employees stay current with tax law changes. You won’t find a friendlier and more hospitable staff!

State and Business Tax Returns

As a business owner, you must have someone who knows the tax law. That’s why we are here for you. We offer business guidance as well as tax return preparation for all state and business returns.

Bookkeeping Service

We offer a variety of bookkeeping services including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statement compilations. We are willing to coordinate with your bank to keep a seamless stream of record-keeping.

Payroll Service

Our payroll professionals will handle all of your payroll and tax responsibilities. We provide customized payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area.

Personal Tax Return

Let us prepare your personal taxes and maximize your deductions and hopefully increase your refund. We include tax planning with every client and are happy to prepare your estimated vouchers, if necessary.

Bud is on YOUR side… Open ‘year-round!

Rest assured they have you and your business goals and objectives in mind. You and all your tax planning needs are in expert hands. Leave it to Bud Krater, your tax pro buddy!

Client Testimonials

Professional & friendly service

Professional and friendly service. Very pleasant experience for me. Looks like I’ll be turning all my tedious tax and accounting work to this fine firm. Found them on Angie’s list with high marks and recommendations. Thanks Bud!!

- John Cohen

Doubled my refund!

I thought the Tax Pro Buddy schtick was a little corny – until I met him and realized his name is Bud and he is actually a Tax Pro – and once he doubled my refund (I went to him for a second opinion). Now he is my Tax Pro Buddy too 🙂

- Kayla Pettagree

Best accountant in Cape Coral

Bud Krater is the best accountant in Cape Coral in my opinion. I am a small business owner myself and have talked with my share of accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preps and none have displayed an array of tax knowledge as broad as Buds. Bud Krater is more than a tax buddy, he is the business owners friend.

- Mark Cass

Great for small businesses

Bud Krater is one of the best accountants and bookkeepers I have ever talked to. I own a small business so, keeping my books straight is certainly a priority for me, as well as not getting gouged at the end of the year in taxes. Bud Krater see to it that that doesn’t happen. Thanks Bud.

- Bryce Moore

The highest refund possible!

I had another company prepare my taxes and I brought it to him for a second opinion. Turns out, I have more coming back than expected thanks to Bud Krater. Thank you for helping, definitely recommend!

- Alex Boyd

Exceptional payroll services

I own a small candle company and thankfully I was referred to Bud for payroll. Things are now organized and everyone stays happy. Thank you Bud for always giving us great service!

- Elizabeth Dunby

Victim of identity theft?

This is a highly experienced and professional tax service is also a caring and friendly group of tax experts. my Mom was a victim of ID theft. When Bud filed her taxes he discovered that the thieves had gotten a tax refund from my Moms ID info. Mom was already stressed from having had money, jewelry and even her pocketbook stolen at her asst. living home. Bud quickly took care of her problem with the IRS and her tax files. Mom and I were both very relieved to have this sticky issue taken care of so quickly and easily.

- Carole Napolitano

Excellent bookkeeper

Bud Krater is excellent. My old bookkeeper had become complacent and I showed Bud my books and he found several errors right off the bat and helped me save several hundred dollars and this was in the first 5 minutes. He has a lot of experience and knowledge and is an overall great guy. Says what he does and does what he says.

- David Anderson