Specializing in Tax Return Preparation

The one and only, Bud Krater, has been doing tax preparation in Cape Coral since 1980.  In addition to tax preparation, Bud Krater, Inc. provides full service payroll and bookkeeping in Cape Coral.  All employees stay current with tax law changes.  You won’t find a friendlier and more hospitable staff!

Own A Business?

Do you want to know whether to buy or lease? Do you want to know the best mortgage route? Do you want to know the best way to plan for retirement? Included on Bud’s staff are folks who have worked in the mortgage field, in financial planning, and other financially-related endeavors.  We have a LOT of experience on the team. As a business owner, you must know all tax pitfalls and the “loopholes” (remember, one man’s loophole is another man’s deduction), that’s why we are here for you. We offer tax return preparation for all Federal business and personal, all out-of-state returns, Intangibles, Tangibles, Estate and Trust taxes. AND we are available to meet on a year-round basis!

Bookkeeping Service

We offer a variety of bookkeeping services including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statement compilations. We are willing to coordinate with your bank to keep a seamless stream of record keeping.

Payroll Service

Our professionals will handle your payroll and tax responsibilities. We provide customized payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes. And we have warranties with the professional software firm with whom we are associated.

Personal Tax Return

Let us prepare your personal taxes and maximize your deductions and hopefully increase your refund. We include tax planning with every client and are happy to prepare your estimated vouchers, if necessary.

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